This opportunity will change your life.

Why are businesses choosing KickFees?
Simple. We eliminate payment fees.

KicKFees has a technology based payment platform that gives businesses the opportunity to eliminate their large payment processing bill for just $49 bucks month. Businesses currently pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000+ per month.

First 30 Days Free!

Businesses enjoy 30 days risk free, absolutely zero risk or unpfront expense.

Then just $49/mo

$49/mo for unlimited payments after the free trial ends.

Fee Defender

Automatically analyzes & refunds any junk fees that try to slip in on the business.

Unlock the power of residuals.

Use the KickFees app to invite businesses

Be Social, Get Paid

  • Simple Conversations

    Show a business our commerical or marketing pieces and have a very simple conversation.

  • Summon your Fee Defender

    When your Opportunity begins asking questions, summon your Fee Defender via the mobile app.

  • Earn Residual Income

    After your Fee Defender signs up your Opportunity, you'll get paid as they use the KickFees service.

The App sets you up for success.

Integrated Marketing Assistant

Share valuable company marketing directly to your Opportunities via the mobile app. So the next time you want to strike up a conversation turn to your marketing assistant.

Marketing Videos

Starting conversations has never been easier with the addition of shareable rich video content.

Explainer PDF's

Keep up to date with our latest marketing pieces and training documents released by HQ.

Success Calls

Easily share or listen to our recorded merchant success calls directly from the app.

Training from HQ

We're here to help, gain access to training and coaching from our team at KickFees HQ.

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Create opportunities on the fly

Instantly create opportunites from anywhere.

When you're ready to add an Opportunity it doesn't matter if you're at a networking event, a business lunch, or even a happy hour...pull out your app and capitalize on your conversation!

Communicate faster than ever

With Summon, your Fee Defender is one tap away.

When questions pop up, you can summon your Fee Defender with one simple tap. This should help faciliate better conversations and conversions for you!

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Tracking Compensation

Comp-Tracker keeps you in the loop.

From activation bonuses to bi-weekly pay, comp-tracker reporting keeps you up to date on all your accounts.

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